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What is a doula?

The word doula was originally Greek and meant female servant. Now the term doula is used to describe a woman who helps other women during childbirth. 

What this means for you is that childbirth was not meant to be experienced alone and that I am here to serve you during this monumental time in your life. Your partner, family, friends, and care provider will all be fulfilling specific roles throughout your pregnancy and labor, but those people have other roles to fulfill and may not be able to offer you continuous support.  The role a doula plays during childbirth is providing continuous emotional, physical and intellectual support throughout labor. Doulas work with the other members of your support team to help you achieve the birth experience you desire..


My name is Jennifer Johnson and I attended my first birth in 2014 and have enjoyed helping families achieve wonderful birth experiences since then. In 2015 I became a certified doula through Birth Boot Camp which grew my knowledge of how to encourage and aid moms before, during, and after birth. I happily serve the town of San Angelo, Texas and surrounding areas. This is all made possible by my awesome husband and son, plus countless other family and friends. When I am not assisting couples have amazing births I mostly enjoy soaking up time with my family. I can easily be reached by email directly at I look forward to helping you make your birth a beloved experience.



Please email me anytime at if you have any questions about my services or availability.


In the mean time here are some great resources regarding birth and different aspects that surround birth like how to become a doula or some simple tips on breastfeeding. Enjoy!